BB-EAST UR rental housing Internet connection service

Welcome to BB-EAST!

On this page, we will explain our services, enrollment, termination, and Internet connection.


All of the linked pages are written in Japanese, so be sure to have someone who understands Japanese. All the procedures require Japanese input.


WAKWAK PIAL (BB-EAST) is a flat-rate broadband provider service. An Internet connection service is available for a monthly base fee of 1,750 yen (tax excluded).

*If you use an optional service, an additional charge will be applied.


[Online Enrollment] and [Written Enrollment] procedures are provided.
The monthly basic fee for the month you enroll is waived.

*Visa, MasterCard and JCB credit cards are accepted. (American Express is not available)


[Online Termination] and [Written Termination] procedures are provided.
There is no pro-rated calculation and termination will occur at the end of the month.

Internet Connection

Can you tell me how to use the Internet?
Only an external LAN can connect to the internet. LAN1 and LAN2 can be used for the connection to the internet with the same jack in another room by connecting to the external LAN. For more details, please refer to the page below.
I can no longer connect or the connection is interrupted.
Try the following steps to resolve the situation.
  • Restart your PC. ·Insertion and removal the LAN cable connections.
  • If you are using a router or hub, reboot it.
  • Disconnect the router and hub, and connect the PC directly to the external LAN with a patch cable.

*If there is no improvement after you have tried the suggestions above then call the Internet Help Desk for the apartment with someone who can understand the Japanese language.
When dialing from a cellphone: 050-3646-2656
(Connecting fees will be charged to the caller.)
Reception Hours:10:00-19:00(Operating all year)